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Digital Teaching and Learning

North Summit School District is actively engaged in harnessing the power of technology to help students succeed.  At the elementary school, a blended learning approach is used within our literacy block that combines both teacher-led instruction along with digital technology activities to provide students with the strategies and knowledge to improve their reading skills.  Students work within small groups 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week where instruction is differentiated based on the results of students’ progress.   A solid foundation in literacy is so critical in the development and success of each student.  

In order for our students to succeed, North Summit understands the importance of professional development with the different technologies available to teachers.  Each year, teachers attend a 2-day conference in Heber called the Wasatch Back where teachers select from different trainings and seminars. These breakout sessions help our teachers sharpen their skills and learn about new ideas leading education.  

 Not only do teachers attend the Wasatch Back Conference each year, but also teachers are provided technology training once a month during PLC’s (professional learning communities).   These trainings offer teachers the ability to learn more about software specific programs as well as collaborate about classroom data and student needs.