• Coalville was settled in the fall of 1859 when a freighter hauling cargo between Salt Lake City and Fort Bridger, Wyoming, drove into the camp ground on Chalk Creek and noticed ripened wheat. About this time a roving hunter and trapper discovered ourcroppings of coal, which later gave the name Coalville to the settlement.

    In the early fall of 1863, pioneers agreed to donate money and time for the construction of a new building. This would become a gathering place for meetings of all kinds: political, religious, school, and a place for women and children to hide from Indian raids. The Old Rock School House now stands at Pioneer Village at Lagoon Amusment Park.

    In the fall of 1913 a new building first opened its doors and was called North Summit High School. The class of 1927 gave North Summit a mosaic emblem which was part of the main hall floor of the school.

    In 1977 the present high school was built. The high school acquired the West Wing for more classroom space and plans for a new commons area is underway. To acquire a detailed description fo the settlement of Coalville download file below.