• Community Council  

    North Summit High School has scheduled the following dates for Community Council meetings:


    September 23rd

    November 18th

    January 27th

    March 13th

    March 25th

    Meetings will start at 5:00PM on Mondays and be held in the NSHS Library.


    All parents are invited to attend Community Council meetings.


    2019-2020 Community Council Members

    Wade Murdock- Principal wmurdock@nsummit.org

    Camellia Robbins-Chair robbinscamellia@yahoo.com

    Jill Wilde- Vice Chair jillerjo@gmail.com

    Bridgit Dallin bridgitmd@hotmail.com

    Lance Pace lpace@nsummit.org

    Kitty Young kittyyoung@allwest.net

    Kari Koyle karikoyle@gmail.com

    Rachael Orgill rmorgill@yahoo.com

    Chad Staley cstaley@nsummit.org

    Kelly Richins@nsummit.org