• The North Summit Middle School Peer Leaders' purpose is to promote safe and healthy behaviors.  This year the Peer Leaders will encourage empathy and buidling friendships, discourage bullying, help with Red Ribbon Week, share information regarding the negative effects of tobacco and tobacco products, and motivate our studentbody to raise funds for the Leukemia Foundation of Utah.

    Our Peer Leader Social was held in August.  The theme was "I've Got My New Shoes On!" based on the song by Paolo Nutini.  We focused on the importance of getting to know each other and the kids in our school then "Everything's alright!!"  We talked about empathy and not being judgmental because we haven't walked in anyone else's shoes.

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    October always includes Red Ribbon Week.  From styling some crazy hair to teaming up together, we were reminded that staying away from drugs and alcohol  is the best way to enjoy a long and healthy life.  We ended the week pledging to stay drug and alcohol free.

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    November was a continuation of making healthy choices.  Mr. Tom Moore, the grandfather of one of our peer leaders, came and talked to the studentbody about how hard quitting the tobacco habit can be.  He thought that smoking and chewing would make him more popular while he attended North Summit High School back in the day.  When he watched a good friend die of emphysema, he decided he didn't want that to be part of his life.  Of the friends he smoked with in high school, he's the only one still alive.  He told the kids the best way to stop smoking is to never start.


    December is service month.  Whether you give service in your family, your church group, clubs, community groups, or just on your own, service is a great way to make the holiday season more gratifying. 


    January, in the middle of winter and the school year, can be a stressful time for anyone.  The peer leaders made some informational posters on different ways we can manage our stress. 


    February has us teaming with the county health department to teach our studentbody about the importance of paying attention.  Distracted walking or biking, distracted driving, and being a passenger who distracts the driver can cause a lot of accidents.  We are making a video to show at the annual middle school talent show.