Ms. Barbara Ericksen

Phone: 435-336-5678


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Barbara Ericksen


What does a counselor do?

The counselor's role is to work with every student.  Counselors assist students in doing well in school in partnership with teachers, parents, and administrators.  North Summit School District uses the Utah College and Career Readiness School Counseling Program for teaching life skills in the classrooms.  I am available for group counseling and individual counseling.

What do counselors teach?

Elementary and middle school counselors teach lessons designed to increase social skills and resiliency that children need in order to be successful in school and in life.  Children's books are used in many of the lessons incorporating literacy into the lessons and emphasizing the objective of the lesson in a fun and engaging manner.

What are the skills that are being taught?

1.  Social Competence:  The ability to elicit positive responses; flexibility; empathy; caring; cooperation; friendship; patience; and humor.

2.  Problem Solving:  The ability to think reflectively; identify alternatives; see other's perspective; effort; flexibility; organization; and perseverance.

3.  Autonomy:  Sense of own identity; ability to act independently; sense of control; common sense; initiative; integrity; pride; responsibility.

4.  Sense of Purpose:  Goals and aspirations; persistence; hope; sense of the future; self-esteem.

When a person has strengths in these four areas, they generally have the ability to bounce back from life's mishaps and move forward to become successful in life.