• Work-Based Learning  




    North Summit High School programs are open to all students without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disabilities.

    What is Work Based Learning?


    Work-Based Learning is career awareness and exploration, work experience, structured training, and/or mentoring at the work site. There are Work-Based Learning activities appropriate for every grade level to support students in developing career awareness, exploring career options, developing appropriate workplace skills, and relating academic skills to real-world applications.

    Work-Based Learning provides students with opportunities to study complex subject matter as well as vital workplace skills in a hands-on, "real life" environment. Students have opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom to tasks performed in the workplace. As students see the connections between their school work and what is required at the work site, they gain an understanding of the importance of learning and are able to make better decisions 



    What are WBL Activities?
    Career Fairs
    Clinical Work Experiences 
    Field Studies
    Guest Speakers
    Job Shadows
    School-Based Enterprises
    Service Learning
    Student Internships
    How can you help?

    If anyone in the community is interested in:


    • being a career day presenter

    • presenting an occupation or work skill as a guest speaker

    • has a great job opportunity

    • has a valuable interning experience to offer 

    Please call Rhonda Butcher, Work Based Learning Coordinator, at 435-336-5656, option 2