2022 ACT- North Summit High School finished second in the entire state against all other
school districts on the Average Composite ACT Score. This year’s seniors took the ACT last
spring and had a combined average score of 21. The state average was 19.7. Sixty-nine percent
of this class scored 18 or higher in comparison to the state average of sixty-one percent. We
scored our highest in math with a 21.6. See the breakdown of how we did in each subject area in
comparison to the state averages.

Average Composite Score
State Average 19.7
North Summit 21.0

Average Math Score
State Average 19.2
North Summit 21.6

Average Reading Score
State Average 20.7
North Summit 20.8

Average Science Score
State Average 19.9
North Summit 21.0

Average English Score
State Average 18.6
North Summit 19.9