A change will be happening in the North Summit School District Kindergarten program starting the 23/24 school year (August 2023). The legislature has changed the funding formula for kindergarten so that every student in the state of Utah now has the opportunity to attend for a full school day. Included in the law is parents have the option to only have their student attend for half of the day if they choose.

 North Summit Elementary will move to having all-day-kindergarten. Parents who choose to send their student for only a half day will need to send their student in the morning, as this is when our teachers will ensure that they cover all of the critical material that must be taught. The last half of the day will be additional teaching, enrichment, review, and interventions. Parents that choose a half day for their student will then need to pick them up at 11:00. No buses will be provided during the middle of the day to bring them home. All kindergarten students that qualify for bus service will be brought to school, and if they stay the full school day will be provided bus transportation home at the end of the day. The Kindergarten Team would like to encourage parents to give the full day program a try. Adjustments can be made as needed. We would caution against frequent changes, as students do better with consistency.

  Please feel free to contact the school (435) 336-2101 with any questions or concerns. We are looking forward to creating a great Kindergarten program for your children.