New Century Scholarship website

    If you are interested in taking EDNET classes for college credit, please contact Mrs. Staples.


    Required Credits:
    English 1010 or AP 3 or better
    English 2010
    Math 1050
    Computer Information Literacy (Computer Tech)
    American Inst. USU 1300
    Physical Science USU 1360
    Life Science USU 1350
    Humanities USU 1320
    Creative arts USU 1330
    Social Science USU 1340
    These classes are required for the associates, and add up to 30 credits. You also need to have an additional 30 credits worth of electives.
    This totals 60 credits in order to graduate with the associates.






    Those who wish to take EDNET courses must first speak to Mrs. Staples before applying for admission. Once a student has received approval, they may follow the directions on this page to apply for admission to the respective institution. You need only apply for admission to each institution once throughout your entire EDNET education (you will need to go through this process again for each additional institution you take classes from). 



    Go to UVU's concurrent enrollment admissions page and fill out your information. Hint: You may want to write down your UVUID and relevant account information. 

    A one-time fee of $35 will need to be paid.

    Click here for more information about UVU's concurrent enrollment program.

    Go to Snow's admissions page and click on "Concurrent Enrollment." You should then choose the semester that you will begin taking EDNET courses from Snow. Fill out the resultant application form and submit it. 
    A one-time fee of $30 must be paid at the time of admission. 
    Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation with your Badger ID; you may want to write this down. 
    Click here for more information about Snow College's concurrent enrollment program.


    If you still have any questions about the admissions process, please contact Mrs. Staples.