North Summit High School




    Welcome to North Summit High School, the proud home of the Braves. Our school enjoys an enormous amount of support and help from the North Summit communities. As a result we have a strong faculty that is always trying to improve and grow to better serve our students. We are here to help students learn and grow.


    Our administration and faculty are working towards implementing and modifying Professional Learning Community (PLC) practices and principles. This has been a challenge but we believe that by using the four main questions we can better meet students needs, focus on learning, and give students a Guaranteed Viable Curriculum. The four main questions are 1. What do we want students to know? 2. How will we know when they know it? 3. What will we do when they don’t learn it? 4. What will we do when they do learn it? This is a common sense approach to education, and there are many facets to each question, but student learning is the focus of each one.


    We hope that you feel welcome to come and visit with any encouragement or concerns that community members may have. And again, please know how much we all value and appreciate the support we feel from the community.

Mission Statement

  • The mission of North Summit High School is to provide opportunities for students to become lifelong learners and successful contributors to society.

Belief Statement

    1. Everyone has the potential to learn.

    2. Learning is an active and lifelong process where students must accept responsibility for their choices. 

    3. The school, community, and home have a shared responsibility for meeting the needs of each student, who should be responsible for his or her own learning. 

    4. The educational practices we follow are open to improvements that will enhance our programs and improve our schools.

    5. Learning should take place in a safe environment of mutual respect. 

    6. It is essential for curriculum, instruction, and assessment to be clear, relevant, and in line with current state standards.

    7. Faculty involvement, gathering and analyzing information, and experience are essential to making sound decisions.